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  • Product Name: Pergotek
  • Product Name: Pergotek
  • Product Name:: PVC Retractable Pergola
  • Item:: Pergotek
  • Frame:: Powder Coated Aluminum Alloy
  • Color:: PVC fabric
  • Operation:: Motorized
  • Max Size/pcs:: 5.8m x 4.5 m
  • Option:: Tropizipp ,Tropileds,Tropiheat

Product Description

PergoTek is a combination between pergola and retractable  awning,which is tensioned when it is open. The canvas is attached to a system of transverse profile aluminum,which slide along a horizontal rail by specially designed trollys.It operates with an electric torque motor designed specifilally for this product. Guaranteed to withstand severe climatic changes and winds up to 50 km/h(the resistance is not guaranteed under the weight of snow)




Various of installation

PergoTek-Installation Gazebo
PergoTek-Installation Between Walls
PergoTek-Installation Gazebo Doble
PergoTek-Gazebo Installation
PergoTek-Installation With Tension
Pergotek  Front Postes