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  • Product Name: Pergoflex
  • Product Name: Pergoflex
  • Product Name:: Retractable Pergola Roof
  • Item:: Pergoflex
  • Frame:: Powder Coated Aluminum Alloy
  • Color:: Acrylic Fabric
  • Operation:: Motorized
  • Max Size/pcs:: 5.8m x 6.0 m
  • Option:: Side Screen

Product Description

Pergoflex is a combination between pergola and retractable  awning,is designed expecially to protect from the sun.The canvas is attached to a system of crossbar profiles with specially designed trolleys that move in guides systems within the outer profiles allowing horizontal sliding.Itcan operate with electric motor,manual motor can can also be moved manually.




Various of installation



PergoFlex-Installation Con Postes





PergoFlex-Installation Entre Muros 




PergoFlex-Installation Gazebo




PergoFlex-Installation Con Postes