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Intelligent design elements grasp shade of sun light

Number of visits: Date:2015-10-07 19:05
Intelligent shade overall design philosophy is based on a different angle of sunlight to adjust shade leaves open and close, so in the design requirements are very familiar grasp of the sun. Here's a brief look at how to control the lighting conditions of the sun.
In the course of the operation of the sun, the building itself cast a shadow on the adjacent building, while the surrounding tall buildings of the building may have obscured the role. In the shadow projected onto the windows do not actually need the shade, otherwise the room will be dimmed, and therefore need to leaf or away.
(1) model based on the floor plan and elevations;
(2) the use of just calculated for each reference point of elevation and azimuth, the shadow of the building and the building itself around the shape and orientation is calculated based on each day of the year and changes in shadow;
(3) Once the data recorded in the LONWORKS after calculating blinds controller;
(4) at different times blinds controller automatically know what the result is stored according to the calculated reference point located under the shadow, and flipped the blade to a horizontal position, allowing more light into the interior.

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