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Little knowledge of external shading

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Fabric advantages:
        1. The indoor heat incoming from 60% to 30%
        2. twill relieve indoor natural light in the glare (openings, daylight factor is consistent, uniform illumination, soft light.)
        3. The introduction of appropriate natural light, to achieve a comfortable visual environment.
        The most primitive protection of privacy.
        5. high transparent, easy viewing.
        6. reduce air conditioning load of more than 60%.
External shading devices overall advantages:
        1. energy-saving insulation, 2. improve the softness of indoor light, 3. Household secret protection and security.
Fabric orientation options:
West --1%, 3% on probation or curtain fabric transparent - Avoid glare
--10% North colored fabric or curtain
Fixed: cornice; sun visors; fixed blinds and so on. Advantages: cheap; Disadvantages: not flexible.
Electric: electric blinds; electric fabric; electric flap and so on. Advantages: Reach "public building energy efficiency design standards" shading coefficient of less than 0.40, for aluminum metal can be less than 0.10. Disadvantages: high price.
Components: curtain + driver + skeleton
Window shade forms: fixed (horizontal, vertical, bezel) Cons: lighting, ventilation, heating in winter, vision and other inconveniences; activities (roller blinds, activities blinds, awnings, veil) Advantages: Use all the window shutter, activities louver to adjust the angle of light and ventilation, radiant veil block adjust the amount of visible light to enter; in the home (double glazed) .
Subtropical region: SD0.9 window shading coefficient down to 0.3, the cooling energy consumption by 30%.

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