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Why should the glass curtain shade

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Glass walls look beautiful shape, the overall sense, by the House of glass curtain wall decoration due to the use of large areas of glass and metal structure, its glass surface heat resistance, heat transmission rate, so will have a great indoor thermal conditions affected. In the scorching summer sun, sunlight enters the indoor concentration of crack through the glass, is the main cause of indoor temperature overheating. Especially in hot regions of Guangdong and other southern glass walls of houses even more tough. If the body longer under direct sunlight, will feel hot and uncomfortable.
If gorgeous shading systems on the glass curtain wall, you can minimize the direct sunlight to avoid overheating interior is one of the main measures against heat of the hot areas of buildings. After setting sun, will have the following functions and effects:
A shading effect of solar radiation. Thermal insulation properties of the external structure is affected by many factors, the most influential is the shading coefficient index. In general, the shading coefficient is controlled by the material properties and the environment itself. The sun shading coefficient is through building envelope measures have shade and no shade measures the ratio of building envelope heat radiation. Shading coefficient is smaller, the external structure of the sun through the radiant heat of the smaller, the better the effect of heat. In Guangzhou, the major areas toward the window to get the shading coefficient measured were: 17% of the west, south to the 45% to 60% of the North. Thus, the hot sun for solar radiation shielding effect is quite large, glass curtain wall building measures set shading effect is even more pronounced.
Second, the shading effect on the indoor temperature. Shade to prevent the indoor temperature rises a significant role, in the room of a West Guangzhou test observations show: In the case of closing the window, there is no shade, the maximum temperature difference of up to 2 ℃, the mean difference 1.4 ℃. And when the sun, the room temperature amplitude value is small, the maximum time delay occurs at room temperature, indoor temperature field uniformity. Therefore, the shade of the air-conditioned room can reduce the cooling load, so the C Building, the sun is one of the main measures to save energy.
Third, the shading effect of daylight. From the point of view of natural lighting, shading measures will block direct sunlight to prevent glare, indoor illumination is more evenly distributed, helping to work vision. On the surrounding environment, the shade can be dispersed glass curtain wall of glass (especially coated glass) of the reflected light, avoiding the large glass reflective light pollution. However, due to the sun light-shielding effect of measures, which will reduce indoor illumination, more unfavorable in the rainy days. Therefore, in the shade system design must be fully taken into account as far as possible to meet the requirements of natural light indoors.
Fourth, the role of shade on the exterior of the building. Most people think of the glass curtain wall design can only be flat, unable design shading exterior shading, etc., but in many cases from abroad, we can find metallic glass walls can be designed to be lightweight metal plate in the form of a beautiful shade and become an interesting architectural style part. Shading systems form and shadow effects on the appearance of the glass curtain wall of glass, reflecting the modern architectural aesthetic effect. Therefore, the construction industry in Europe, has put external shading system as an active element of the facade, to use, and even called the double facade form. Layer is the facade of the building itself, is another form of dynamic shading facade states. This has the "dynamic" of building the image of fashion need not because the building facade, but modern technology to solve a new form of modern architecture building energy and enjoy the natural human needs arising.
Five, shading effect on the room ventilation. Shading the room ventilation has some blocking effect, in the case of open window ventilation, indoor wind will weaken 22-47%, depending on the structure of the situation shading may be. The rise of the glass surface has a blocking effect of hot air, unfavorable heat, so take note of shade structure design should be.

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