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Quality inspection curtains several indicators: non-toxic, dust-proof, easy to clean

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In life, whether we encounter new house or old house renovation, will have to take into account the problem of how to select the curtains; because not only played a shade curtains for our daily lives, blocked light and privacy, it is also our decorate a home and indispensable role. In every aspect of our lives, can not always be avoided and curtain screens of "close contact" - then, you know how to choose a high-quality, durable and environmentally friendly curtains it? Today, on to chat with "test the quality of a few big curtain hard targets" with you, for you to select the appropriate curtains in their product life support a move:
One of the quality indicators Curtains: non-toxic
From morning to open the curtains to usher in the first ray of dawn, before going to bed at night to sink into a peaceful sleep curtains, curtains in daily life almost always with us. However Imagine: if we live in this important role, is a spread of toxic substances "hidden killer", you this day and "poison" a bed feeling for what life?

Therefore, the first important indicator of selecting curtains is important to check whether the curtains nontoxic material (especially not contain formaldehyde). After many families in the elderly, children, often put a new curtain recurring cry, cough or feel dizzy, after investigation it was found, the original home of the curtain of formaldehyde. Therefore, similar to toxic substances such as formaldehyde, along with new curtains can never enter our home. So how to circumvent it?
In addition you can hear in the selection, smell to detect the presence of formaldehyde odor, but also can advance in the product website or directly managed stores in product demand to see the presence of Stocks issued by international quality certification authority. If the product can provide proof of environmentally friendly materials inspection, then you can rest assured that your favorite curtains "invited" to go home.
One curtain quality indicators: dust
You know, the curtains can be a source of toxic formaldehyde only, but also may become your home invisible "dust mites maker", threatening the health and breathe in your home family members. After investigation, I found that synthetic fabrics curtains most likely to attract dust collects, because fiber is easy to static electricity, dust, particles have a great adsorption.
We therefore recommend that, at home, the more dust curtains other materials can be used. For example, polyester curtain material, not only good texture, strong flexibility, but not easy to attract the accumulation of dust and PM2.5 particles in the respiratory system that you and your family will be safe, credible "guardian warriors."
One of the quality indicators Curtains: easy to clean, no deformation
After selection of the dust curtain, over time, it is inevitable that some of the stains and dirt contamination up, this time, can safely wash curtains, screens, not deformation, shrink, it becomes a key issue. Imagine, the original appearance of the curtains, turned into a horse wrinkle after cleaning cloth, think it takes a lot of money when you buy curtains, which allows consumers really quite chilling ah.
General fabrics, are more or less shrinkage and deformation would happen after washing (which depends on the degree of deformation of different materials). However, if you pay more of a "shape memory" step in the manufacturing process of the curtain, you can make curtains after repeated machine washing, hand washing after permanent deformation. For example, a country prone to spinning (Eco-fine) green curtains, joined a strict "shape memory" step in the production of sophisticated technology, making this easy spinning green curtains, hand wash washing machine permanently, never deformation, won the trust of consumers and favor.
These are for you to collect on "test several quality indicators curtain": non-toxic, dust-proof, easy to clean - if you remember this, "the three quality levels" in mind, then, I believe you will be able to buy into a paragraph roses, green Stocks products.

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