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Greenawn new appearance of the fourteenth Guangzhou International Building Materials Exhibition

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The fourteenth Guangzhou Fair will be held July 8, 2012 ~11 in Guangzhou Chineseimport and export trade exhibition hall is held ceremoniously, "greenawn" will debut new district 15.1 C hall 05A hall, the new VI show for the first time, intelligent SI,professional image very international product design, fashion leisure exhibition hall layout, it will bring you a new experience of outdoor awning industry!

"Greenawn" the adoption of simple open layout in the exhibition hall style, the fluentcolor - Fashion grey bold use of color in wall body, the product color used fresh quietly elegant green color - green and white. These three kinds of color is"greenawn" VI three main color, fully embodies the modern Home Furnishing productsenvironmental protection, fashion, leisure life philosoph

"Greenawn" advocate "awning of happy time" culture of happiness, so this exhibitionwill be fully reflected in the cultural atmosphere, from the exhibition hall vivid picture,leisure bar design to the staff, the scene atmosphere activities will show the happy,harmonious, professional enterprise culture. At the same time "greenawn" happyangel - "Lang Lang" will debut, it is happy, sunny, healthy image will let you put it down!

"Greenawn" has been stepping up the internal training, tamp foundation, adhering to the principle of 'walk the world, innovation, commitment as a mountain, service - oriented' business purposes, adhere to the 'quality standard of high standard, fine',sunshade products committed to providing professional, safety, rest assured to be engaged in the outdoor industry partners. The exhibition "greenawn" will be joined for the investment cooperation, less investment, high return, less competition, market space; he will become the market the most development potential of the investment choice.

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