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  • Name: Conservatory Awning
  • Model: GR-930
  • Roller: Ø 80 mm Steel
  • Cover: 200*170 mm
  • Front Bar: Aluminum 97*70*2 mm
  • Sliding Rail: Aluminum 90*55 mm
  • Frame: Outdoor Power Coated
  • Fabric: Polyester or Acrylic
  • Packing: Each PC/Carton
  • Max size: width 6.0M, Projectione 3.0M

Greenawn roof conservatory awning GR930:

1.Smooth design, beautiful shape, makes our conservatory awning perfect combined with sunshine.

2.Fully enclosed aluminum casing ensures good protection for fabric when the awning back, and that only use 145mm.

3.In order to keep tension of the fabric, conservatory awning is designed Pretension structure, and gets smooth slide way for the lowest voice.

4.Aluminum alloy frame and lightweight arm to easy for transport and install.

5.Spanish Fabric order to protect your skin from harmful UV rays by 95%.

6.More than 150 color for choosing, be sure you have a fit mind.

7.Wireless Remote Control Operation, easy to switch on, easy to close.